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Exercise helps in healthy weight with active metabolism that strengthens our body thus scoring healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly lowers a person's risk of developing some diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. During this Covid-19 pandemic situation it is best advised to stay at home and stay safe. Then how do we maintain the healthy fitness regime at home! Learn from Healthcoachshri –

Top 5 WorkOut Routine to follow at Home

How to Exercise during COVID-19 Pandemic – Top 5 WorkOut Routine

to follow at Home from HealthCoachShri 

Best workout routine to follow at home for both men and women, are well-planned and structured according to the fitness goal of each individual. Gear up for a healthy lifestyle and join the elite group of fit society.

1. HIIT Workout

Burn those extra calories, churn your body to burn energy and get back into fit body shape that you had always dreamt of. Healthcoachshri suggests you best hiit workout plan that best suits your fitness goals.

2. Posture Correction

Get the balance in your body and develop strength by improving your posture. Correct posture leads to efficient use of body energy and less muscle pain thus enjoying a comfortable life. Stand tall by correcting your posture and view a new fit world.

3. Cardio Fitness Class

Cardio exercises are the top fitness class at Healdhcoachshri. Keep your heart rate in the targeted zone and sail smooth with fun cardio fitness sessions with Shripavan. Keep your blood pressure, lung capacity and heart rate at bay and stay healthy and fit during this Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Cross Fit Class

Improve aerobic fitness, balance and agility with the top crossfit workout plan from Healthcoachshri. Get those muscles work for you. Transform your body and get back to the shape that will energize your day to day activities making you reach your life goals faster. During a crossfit wod you lose extra calories, increase your lung capacity thus improving the oxygen utilization efficiently.

5. Weight Training and Agility Drills

Build your muscle mass, gain bone density maintaining posture and boost your metabolism. Control your weight loss lowering inflammation and stay away from chronic disease. Bring in the agility your body requires to be flexible,  improve balance and control.

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