5 Health Benefits of HIIT

Get High on Life With HIIT

HIIT expands to High-intensity interval training. This form of workout is quite interesting with the way it's crafted for a healthy fitness session.

What is considered a HIIT Workout?

  1. The alternating short duration of intense high-intensity movement with less intense recovery periods

  2. Involves a cardiovascular exercise strategy keeping your heart rate up.

  3. Quick exertions burning most of the fat in less time.

  4. Heavyweight training, sprinting, jumping are some of the high-exertion exercise involved in HIIT.

Top 5 Health Benefits of HIIT

1. Weight Loss

High-intensity exercise benefits in burning out calories within a short time. In a survey done by fitness experts reveals that 25-30% of calories are burnt during a HIIT workout.

2. Healthy Heart

HIIT keeps your heart rate on the check and brings out a healthy heart rate including other cardiovascular conditions. HIIT helps in oxygen consumption leading to your muscles ability to use oxygen building up the metabolism rate. The blood pressure and heart rate of obese people who generally have high value, HIIT brings down the heart rate and blood pressure to normal value keeping them healthy.

3. Increased Metabolism

Your body metabolism gets high energy boost after a HIIT workout. You get to rock the whole day many hours after a perfect HIIT workout. The tough fat gets burnt rather than utilising your carbs. Thus giving you an active life throughout the days work.

4. Improves mental health

HIIT has improved mental health for many, rescuing them from depression leading to a higher quality of life. Thus reducing social avoidance for people with low mental health. HIIT gives a good brain gym and has improved emotional quotient resulting in higher productivity in your life.

5. Perfect for a Busy Schedule of Work from Home

You are having busy work from home schedule during this lockdown period because of Covid1-19 situation. HIIT gives you the best workout session to keep your body and soul healthy leading to a balanced work from home life. Your fitness goals are taken care of with everyday HIIT workout session of 30 minutes or less.

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