How to do Meditation at Home

Each one of us experiences life's surprising moments that either lift us up or mourns down. It all depends on how we take up life's interesting twists and rides. Meditation is one type of science that can actually balance our life with these ups and downs - twists and rides. Meditation helps you cope up with the anxiety, emotions, fear and happiness - all the dramas in our life.

Meditation has profound benefits in your life that can bring success and normalcy establishing a balance between the universe and you.. Healthcoachshri guides you through a simple guide to Meditate which is especially useful for beginners.

Pick up any best place of your comfort and time. Don't' analyze into the meditation process but just do it. Practice every day and you will reap complete benefits out of it. Meditation helps you to anchor yourself in the present moment and live a contended you, releasing you from stress and anxiety about past, present and future.

A Simple Guide to Meditation for Beginners

  1. Sit up straight on a comfortable seat. If you have any injury or you want to support your back - you can grab a pillow or chair or any comfortable posture

  2. Place your hands on either knee or your lap. Find a grounding position, keep your chin upright thus avoiding head down.

  3. Close your eyes. Start connecting with your breathing pattern. It is the best step forward in meditation to avoid the mind wandering everywhere or avoid falling asleep.

  4. Follow a simple breathing pattern through your nose that you are comfortable with. No need to go long inhalations and exhalations.

  5. When you breathe in and breath out - the belly region gentle contracts and expands massaging your internal organs giving you the experience of the sensation in the abdomen region. Watch these beautiful patterns.

  6. This meditation termed as the Vipasana Meditation allows us to experience mindful breathing enhancing the mind, body and the soul.

  7. With the stillness around, we now start experiencing and connect with our own nature and understand "Who we are!"

  8. Now you become aware of the breathing pattern and you see the rise and fall of the breathing patterns that allow us to think rise and fall of the moment.

  9. Even if our mind wanders, let it flow and eventually bring back your awareness to the breathing pattern and notice the ups and down pattern of the breath.

  10. At the end of 2 minutes of mindful meditation, gently massage your face and slowly open your eyes. Enjoy the bliss of the present moment that rejuvenates you to carry on with your life's surprise elements

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